Plant visits

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Georgsmarienhütte GmbH

Tor IV, Neue Hüttenstraße 1, 49124, Georgsmarienhütte

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH, based in Georgsmarienhütte, Germany, is one of Europe's leading suppliers of raw steel, steel bars and bright steel made from high-grade and special structural steels. In addition, the company produces processed components, some of which are ready for installation. Georgsmarienhütte is already considered one of the most climate-friendly steel companies in Germany. With its comparatively low carbon footprint value chain, in which scrap is melted in an electric arc furnace and recycled into new steel, it makes a significant contribution to the circular economy and is a pioneer in sustainable steel production. In addition to the automotive industry and its suppliers, the company also supplies customers in the mechanical engineering and energy sectors. Steel from Georgsmarienhütte is used wherever the load is greatest, where power is generated or transmitted, and where safe and wear-resistant operation is crucial.

Duration: 4 hrs

Language: English

08:30 AM Depart Essen
10:30 AM Arrive at Georgsmarienhütte
14:30 PM Depart Georgsmarienhütte
16:30 PM Arrive Essen

Please note: Non-slip, closed shoes and Long trousers are mandatory.
Persons with pacemakers and pregnant women are not allowed to tour the steel plant.

Number of participants: max. 30

Benteler International AG

Niederdahrmerstraße 5, 49811 Lingen

BENTELER Electric Steel Plant in Lingen: Over 50 Years of Steel Production with Electric Arc Furnace

The BENTELER Electric Steel Plant in Lingen has a remarkable history. For over 50 years, we have been producing high-quality steel using electric arc furnace. BENTELER Steel/Tube, employs 260 employees in Lingen and boasts an annual capacity of 650,000 tons. Our electric arc furnace plays a central role in our production process.

Our dedicated employees continuously work to optimize the performance of our facility and develop innovative solutions. We take pride in being part of the European steel industry and look forward to sharing our experiences and insights at the 13th European Electric Steelmaking Conference (EEC).

Duration: 1,5 hrs

Language: English

08:30 AM Depart Essen
10:30 AM Arrive BENTELER Electric Steel Plant
12:00 PM Depart BENTELER Electric Steel Plant
14:00 PM Arrive Essen

Please note: Closed clothing, closed shoes/safety shoes.

Number of participants: max. 30