Chairman´s Invitation

With the transformation towards CO2-neutral steel production, the European steel industry is facing its biggest challenge in decades. The general technical solution was found with hydrogen-based direct reduction in combination with electric steelmaking. However, there are a number of critical issues: Scaling-up, iron ore and scrap quality, availability of green electricity and green hydrogen, development of green steel markets, to name just a few. Nevertheless, this mammoth task also represents a unique opportunity: Steel companies can position themselves as pioneers for the entire industry and society presenting themselves as sustainable and meaningful employers for young talents. In this situation, the 13th EEC comes at exactly the right time.

I am therefore very pleased that the Steel Institute VDEh, as the conference organiser, has offered me the chairmanship.

The EAF and the related OBF – often also called smelter – are central units in the future CO2-neutral steel production: They will be the smelting units for the hydrogen-based direct reduced iron. This important role will naturally become an important part of the EEC. But of course, we will also cover the traditional topics: New technologies and processes, energy efficiency, modelling and ladle furnace technology.

With these contents, the EEC has an important role to play in the transformation. Conferences are a hub for communication, ideas and know-how. People from all over the world come together to exchange know-how and discuss. In this way we can make the EEC to an important component of the transformation.

With a combination of proven and new topics, factory tours and the accompanying trade exhibition, we will set up a conference programme that will certainly inspire visitors. Join us and become part of this programme with your presentation!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Krüger